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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
It is always sobering to realize that you do not know or do not remember everything.
I always thought that rokok arab (see pic above) is a rolled up version of apit-apit or kuih kapit (love letters). Boy, was I wrong.

I bought the rokok arab at the bazaar in conjunction with the launching of Kulit Manis: A Taste of Terengganu's Heritage. The launch was a resounding success although some might want to complain about JW Marriot's version of the Terengganu nasi dagang and the "diving midwife" older MC's lack of teeth. This Christmas, he would want more than 2 of his front teeth.

Anyway, the rokok arab is softer than the rolled version of apit-apit. I suspect that the minyok sapi (ghee) used had something to do with that. While the apit-apit is hollow inside, the rokok arab has a sweet filling. Coconut maybe? You, the rokok arab expert would have to tell me. Tell me too where in KL can I get a regular supply of rokok arab because this batch is fast depleting and I need to replenish.

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