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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
I suppose there is a balance in this world - you know, the ying and yang stuff. While there are people in Terengganu bent on obliterating whatever heritage the state has, there are people who are working hard to preserve our heritage. This upcoming book is a good example.
The blurb on the cover says it all:
"Kulit Manis: A Taste of Terengganu's Heritage is a celebration of Terengganu's historical, cultural, culinary and natural heritage, and the harmonious multiculturism that is woven into its social fabric. From cover to cover, Terengganu history and life as seen through the eyes of its people unfold - beautifully illustrated throughout with images painstakingly photographed over two years, that are at once familiar and at times surprising.
Originally conceived from the love for Terengganu food, this significant and comprehensive volume documents almost eighty recipes inherited through generations and in danger of passing into oblivion, which parallels the fate of our historical, cultural and natural heritage.
Although much has been lost, a lot remains to be saved and captured though there is precious little time to waste.
More than a timely wakeup call, Kulit Manis: A Taste of Terengganu's Heritage will evocatively stir the passions of Terengganuans, Malaysians and all readers who now contemplate the importance and fate of their heritage."

This not a cookbook per se. The recipes are part of the story as in these pages featuring our beloved Awang Goneng who mentioned beluda.
As mentioned before, the book is beautifully illustrated. This is an example of the chapter page spread.
You will get stunning photographs of Terengganu like this one of the coconuts in Penarek.

The book is a labour of love from To' Puan Rozita Abdullah and her team (which includes our lost blogger T. Dina Zaman). The launch is slated in October. Watch out for the announcement.

Technical Specifications:
Size: 315mm x 295mm x 30 mm
Number of pages: 252+ Endpapers+Hard Cover+ Dust jacket
Printing: Full colour throughout with all pictures gloss varnished
Material: High quality enviromentally-friendly acid-free paper

Price of the book will be announced later but do not let that stop you from reserving a copy or two. Email me.