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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Awang Goneng and Kak Teh came back to Malaysia a few weeks ago. There was no sequel to GUIT so Awang Goneng was not rushing from one book-signing session to another this time around.

I managed to see the lovely couple twice so far. Once at a wonderful dinner hosted by Puteri Kamaliah & Pak Abu at Lake Club and the second time at lunch in Amcorp Mall. Tomorrow, Som is giving Awang Goneng & Kak Teh tea at Renaissance, KL. I hope I can get there.

Last year, when AG and KT came back, Atok (a blogger friend in Reading, England) missed AG so much that he posted a poem on Youtube. I just discovered it today while trolling for Sajak Terengganu that Ibrahim (Baliklah Wok, Aku Orang Ulu etc) told me were posted on Youtube.
Here's Atok's sajak:

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