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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
There will be no Terengganu words to learn this time around because after what happened in Terengganu yesterday. I have only swear words in my head.

Are those group of BN assemblymen in Terengganu for real? My friends in Terengganu told me that they are as real as the plastic palms that used to dot Terengganu towns. Three of them received "threatening SMS" and 10 played truant and did not attend the sittings. How many assemblymen has been assasinated in Terengganu? People in Terengganu Darul Iman are comparatively religious. They believe life and death are in the domain of Allah and not in the powers of political rivals. Besides, the hotel they were holed up in is less secure than the Dewan Undangan Negeri. You can see the State Police HQ from the assembly.

What have they achieved other than disgracing the state? Nothing whatsoever. When the new PM talk of unity they displayed divisiveness. When the new cabinet are talking about being more responsible, these sorry excuse of lawmakers chose to be irresponsible. They should be in the Dewan asking questions on behalf of their voters, shouldn't they?

Whatever your ambition is, whatever you want to happen, do it with some class and lots of intelligence. Being petulant (and some would say flatulent too) will not get you anywhere. As my friend Dato' Omar Khalid said:
"Di Teganung ramai orang pandai, tapi tak ramai yang bijok." I would not have guessed that he meant the BN politicians.