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Monday, February 02, 2009
I am trying to make a talking blog for the benefit of visually challenged people and also for the sighted to learn the pronounciation of featured Terengganu words.
Now you can listen to the blog. Here is the WAV file (979 kb, virus and spyware free or just click PLAY on this MP3 Player. Excuse the less-than-perfect delivery. The guy does not have enough teeth.)

(The current events folding and unfolding in the country put me in a mencarut mood. Thus this post is RATED SX 18. You have been warned.)

As a diversion for Lioness who has to contend with a house turned untidy easily, I will divert her attention momentarily to the word that she inquired in her comments to my previous posting.

Kreko' does mean crooked, as in not straight although I have not heard it used to describe politicians. Maybe it could have been used to describe a part of the politician's anatomy by
a) His Tok Mudin
b) His wife
c) His mistress (partner/coffeeboy/whatever) or
d) His urologist
who comes from Terengganu or speaks in Terengganuspeak.

Kreko' ( o' ryhmes with bongok, which is also a synonym for some present day politicians) is sometimes replaced by belok although belok is less severe in the sense that it could be remedied whereas kreko' is not. You have to live with your kreko'ness. Terengganu children of old used a more familiar variant of kreko', reko' + wo' when they swear their innocence. Refer to my early (January 2005) post I Swear. These were the days before Statutory Declaration was in vogue.

Other Terengganu words pertaining to perceived imperfection that I can think of at the moment are
kerutu', keripu' and gelding.

Kerutu' (pronounced crew-took) is both the heavenly kenduri offering and the description of a surface full of nubs and bumps much like the back of katok puru (our political animal of the month) or, if you are non-political, there are condoms that are kerutu'. The Standard BM equivalent is roughly menggerutu. My friends told me of several mutual friends who injected silicon into their burung (kreko' or not) so that it becomes kerutu'. Why? Only they and their ajinomoto (penyedap rasa) know.

Keripu' (pronounced roughly as cree-put) is deformity caused by shrinkage whether through accident or old age. I know the West Coast Malays use kerepot to call something old and shrunken.
Keripu' is normally used to describe a mouth. Readers are invited to cite other examples.

Gelding (pronounced like girl -ding) is when something became not straight due to warping. Put a piece of plywood outside at the mercy of the sun and the rain and soon the plywood becomes gelding. Gelding is often used with geliat (meaning to stretch or sprain) to reproach someone who is slow to do one's duty. Parents who bribed gelding geliat kids by giving them money to do chores that they should have done for free could be responsible for the money politics of today.

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