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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Even though there is a Malay saying that goes "Kecil jangan disangka anak, besar jangan disangka bapa" Terengganu speakers, just like other Malay speakers call the smaller of things anok. So the key, which is smaller than the lock is called anok kuci and the arrow which is smaller compared to the bow is anok panoh. Similarly, we have anok mata which is part of the eye and anok tekok, which is a part of the throat. I think it is the uvula. Can someone with a copy of Gray's Anatomy check?

If you want to get out of the house, you go down the steps. If your house is a typical kampung house, you would step on several anok tangga before you reach the ground. If you are at night and the time is right you might see a crescent moon in the sky. That would be anok bulang. There is no mok bulang or bapak bulang although there is bulan purnama in Kuala Terengganu and in Bukit Gantang shining very brightly during by-elections.

Venture further into the bushes and you might find tough, wiry thumb-sized trees growing. These are called anok kuat and Merang folks used them as floors and walls for their huts. Anok kuat sometimes can be found near anok sunga (streams or tributaries) where small boys catch anok seriding (very small fishes). Very small boys, usually uncircumcised, when in a team of older boys (probably circumcised) would be called anok wek for the duration of whatever game they were playing.

There was one such anok wek who accidentally caught hold of his grandma's breast. His father was furious and gave the boy a scolding. The boy apologized to the grandma and muttered:
"Ayoh ning, orang pegang kopek mok dia sekali maroh doh. Dia pegang kopek mok kita ari ari kita dak kata apa pong."

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