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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Movie fans who bothered to read the credits might see the names of Foley Artists responsible for the sound effects in the film. I would think that Terengganu speakers would make good Foley artists because most action words in Terengganuspeak are inevitably followed by an appropriate sound.

Take falling as an example. In Terengganu, things or bodies just do not jatuh (fall). They jatuh bedebok (falls with a thud) no matter how hard the surface is or how high the fall. A stumble sounds more painful. Doesn't reboh bedebing sounds sharper and the receiving surface is hard and unforgiving?

Certain things do not just break, they explode noisily. A bottle of budu (anchovy sauce) absent-mindedly left in the car on a very hot day can pecoh belepong (explode) as easily as an inflated balloon rudely poked with a pin. The poker might be caught by the balloon owner's father or big brother and duly tapo beleping (bitch-slapped) or if the owner is big enough (and angry enough), he himself might tumbok bedebuk (punch) the poker. Some young ballon owners might be just shocked and a short while later nangih berdrohong (wail). In this case, the poker's best course of action is to tembor bedaung and show a clean pair of heels. As for the aforementioned bottle of budu, when the owner of the car opens the door, he/she will be hit by a malodorous smell. He/she can say that he/she bau wa wa (smells something strong).

In Terengganu, running into things is never a silent affair. There is always a noise. Thus langgor gedegang although it is not necessarily the corrugated iron fence that you collide with. Sucking something, either a cold beverage sucked through a straw or a runny nosed young boy sucking in his nasal mucilage give us isap serok serok (suck noisily) much to the displeasure of the prim and proper Miss Emily Post.

I know some of you might be suka gelekek (titter) by this time but unfit me is already leloh bedohor (out of breath). So be my guest and add in your action words (verbs) with the sound added that you have heard spoken in Terengganu.

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