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Saturday, September 05, 2009
No, I am not talking about the annual mass circumcisions. I am talking about children in Terengganu losing fingers messing with firecrackers. It has become an annual affair. They never learn, do they? Very soon, people would be able to identify Terengganu lads by their missing fingers. " Only 3 fingers? Must be from Terengganu!"

I wonder if Awang Goneng can tell us whether Britons lose digits during Guy Fawkes Day. In the same vein, Mek Yam in Manhattang, New York New York could furnish us with statistics on lost fingers on 4th of July.

Parents of Terengganu children must let their children know that it is quite difficult to use the laptop issued by the State government when one does not have enough fingers. Of course if the trend continues and more and more children get their fingers blown off by ngecung (firecrackers) then it becomes necessary for the state to order modified laptops. Probably the kind that can be operated by nose-sensistive pad.

Firecrackers originated in China where they were exploded to ward off evil spirits. Apparently, in Terengganu it had the opposite effect. It severed fingers of the children. It also caused several ngecung pushers in Marang to lose their wares. It is interesting to note that the latest cases of severed fingers were not from Marang. I congratulate the Marang Police for their pro-activeness. Firecrackers are prohibited items. Other police stations in the state should get cracking before more children lose their fingers and the adults lose their hearing.

Since I am too cheap to make the long-distance call, I will let off several virtual ngecung to celebrate Elisa's birthday today. Alhamdullillah, she still has 10 fingers. Happy Birthday, sweet!

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