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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Nasi Dagang will go far and high beginning this June. Our national airlines, MAS today gave a sample of "The Flavours of Terengganu" as featured in "Kulit Manis: A Taste of Terengganu".

The event was held in the Mock Up hall at the MAS Academy, Kelana Jaya with a replica of a Boeing 747 as the backdrop.

(One of the chefs transferring the food to the plates)
It took a lot of thought and R & D before a selection of dishes were selected. As mentioned by Hayati Dato' Ali. Malaysia Airlines' GM In-Flight Services in her opening speech everything has to be considered since MAS customers come from many parts of the world and from many cultures. The food and the ingredient too will have to withstand the rigours of freezing and re-heating without losing the taste when served in pressurised cabins many thousand feet above the clouds. Thus the Terengganu dishes selected were Daging Masak Gulai Kampong, Gulai Ikan Tongkol (Ikan Aya), Nasi Dagang, Kikan Masak Pudding Lada, Kerutuk Ayam and Nasi Telur. Kerabu Laksa was chosen as an appetiser while the desserts were Hasidah and Lompat Tikam.
Chefs from MAS, led by Chef Razak and the catering partner LGSB hunkered down with To' Puan Rozita and Tengku Zainal Abidin to perfect the quality and taste of each dish. I must say that they succeeded. The nasi dagang changed texture a bit after freezing and re-heating but I am sure work is already underway to rectify the small problem.

Nasi Dagang and Gulai Ikan Tongkol

Nasi Telur with Kerutuk Ayam

To' Puan Rozita showing the dishes to Tan Sri Dr. Munir.

The Terengganu dishes will be offered to MAS passengers travelling from KL to East Malaysia, ASEAN destinations, Jeddah, London, Australia and Amsterdam from 1st June to 31st July. The lucky passengers can tell their grandchildren that they had the highest nasi dagang in the world.


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