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Saturday, May 15, 2010
Growing up in Terengganu, I got used to the azan (the call to prayer). One of the illustrious bilal (muezzin) was Tok Bilal Said. I have yet to hear a better azan.

Apparently, the bilals in Istanbul did not fare as well as Tok Bilal Said. The people in Istanbul complained and Istanbul acted.

How I wished the Majlis Ugama Islam in all the states in Malaysia have a similar program. I am sure you all have endured anomalous azans lots of times. The first muezzin was Bilal, a former slave. He had a good and strong voice and I am sure he hit the right notes. Today we have a lot of voluntary bilals in suraus all over the country. Some are good. Most are bad. Some got the melody wrong. Even P.Ramlee, our famous singer could not get the melody right. Some shrieked the azan as if they are trying very hard to purge something out of their system. Some are so tuneless that instead of waking us up, they put us back to sleep.

There are good bilals all over the country. My friend Razak told me about a bilal in Taiping who inspired every muslim who heard him to quickly prepare for prayers. Bilals like him are far and few in between so it is time the bilals are given voice training. Discourage or even ban those with tin ears from grabbing the microphone. Do not let them make Bilal or Tok Bilal Said turn in their grave.


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    I hope it helps.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 2:08 PM  
  • Yes Pokku. This helps a lot.
    Anyway... "live" azan is something that we're deprived off over here. Thank God for modern technology, we have the AlFajr clock/solat times/azan at home. At least there's azan in the house, with the Makkah melody and adjustable volume. Keeps Mama and Dad very happy. purrr....meow!

    By Blogger Cat-in-Sydney, at 2:23 PM  
  • 生活盡可低,志氣當高潔.................................................

    By Blogger FrederickI_Ferre馨儀, at 11:35 AM  
  • pokku,

    i think the taiping bilal and other bilals similarly blessed with lovely voice shd be taped and the recordings be made available by our gomen to all malaysians (and other muslims) who want to be nudged to prayers melodiously.

    i'd so buy/download such recordings and pass them on as gifts to family and friends.

    By Blogger mekyam, at 1:15 AM  
  • just something i picked up and maybe it's worth sharing.

    One day someone wanted to replace Bilal. He had a better voice I guess and he was allowed to azan for the Subuh prayer. His azan was good and everybody praised him.

    but later the angel Jibrail(as), came down and asked the Prophet(saw) if they didn't perform the subuh prayer?. The Prophet(saw) said they did and asked why the angel asked so.

    It seems that when Bilal(as) performed the call, the angels in the heavens would also hear and this was attributed with the sincerity of his heart. The angels couldn't hear the subuh call that day and so Jibrail(as) thought they had missed a prayer.

    The sincere bilal could spark his listeners to go perform prayer in congregation.

    By Blogger The Tea Drinker, at 11:49 AM  
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