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Monday, July 12, 2010
This is Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu at sunrise. A long long time ago when I had all my teeth, after the "orang darat" were done mengetang (harvesting) their padi, there would be rows upon rows of attap or kajang huts erected on this stretch of beach. Every year in the 60s, we had this temporary migration of people and families from Bukit Payong, Bukit Bayas, Sungai Ular, Serada, Pasir Panjang and all the other places without access to the beach. They came for the annual festival known locally as Main Pantai. They and their family camped at the beach for 3 ari 3 malang (3 days and 3 nights). Since it wasn't convenient to bring their livestock along, the men had to occassionally return home to check on the kambing (goats), lembu (cows) or keruba (buffaloes).

Besides having fun on the beach and in the surf there were cultural presentations like the rodat, wayang kulit and sometimes even an ulik mayang presentation. The shows were not sponsored by any companies even though unlighted cigarettes were thrown at the mak inang rodat by appreciative members of the audience. Cigarette companies take note: The practice is still prevalent today in villages wherever rodat is performed.

Since cars were not aplenty yet in Kuala Terengganu at this time, the popular mode of transport was the bicycle. Our scout troop (1st KT) made money by running a bicycle park service. We were the only one with metal parking tickets. Our Scout Master, Mr.Gurunathan lovingly made them in the Industrial workshop.

The Main Pantai was also held at other beaches like pantai Mengabang Telipot or maybe pantai Tok Jembal. No cases of khalwat were reported.

If you remember Main Pantai at any of the beaches mentioned (or inadvertently not mentioned), do share the memories here.


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