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Thursday, December 16, 2010
Most of my trips to Kuala Terengganu found me in Merang where I like to catch up on my fishing. Most of my classmates and friends are in Kuala Terengganu and they do not fish.
On my last visit, the weather was not conducive for fishing and I had the time to reconnect with my old friends. Take "old" in any way you like and it will be true.

Mat Nong, our class monitor insisted that we have tea at his house in Durian Burong. Ramli took his van and we picked up Hj. Hassan along the way. Daud, who was tending his goats chose to make his own way by motorbike.He did not expect the rain to be so heavy and he came soaked to the bone. We did not allow him to come to the table until he changed into some dry clothes provided by our host.
After enjoying the mee siam, keropok lekor and other Terengganu goodies, Mat Nong insisted on a group photo.
Prior to that, Daud wanted to show off his pawang skills by looking at Hassan's belly button. Nothing came out of it except maybe for some lints.

Later we caught up with Dato' Kadir Sulaiman at Permai Inn. Dato' Kadir was in Terengganu as a Labour Officer and later as the Legal Adviser. Now he has gone on to loftier appointment but found the time to meet old friends.
Unknown to me, Dato' Kadir also brought another mutual friend that day. Mr. Chua was my partner-in-crime during my madness for good hi-fi. He owned an electrical shop in Jalan Banggol and let me have all the equipment that I wanted even though most of the time I could not pay cash. It was indeed a pleasure to see Mr.Chua again. He told me that he is now retired. Looks like I have to get the Blu Ray player somewhere else.
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  • Selamak Tahong baru Pokku. Semoga baik sokmo, gagoh lutut, banyok reng dang kemarok makang.

    Semoga diberkati sentiasa dan dilindungi olehNya.

    By Blogger Awang Goneng, at 3:50 PM  
  • Pokku
    Mr Chua tuanpunye kedai Letrik Joo Hin, Jalan Banggol tu ke? Sekarang ni kedai tu dah tutup.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:19 PM  
  • Assalamualaikum Pokku,
    Gi mmana gok dah nak setengoh tahong tadak benda pun dari Pokku.
    Kalau Pokku sakit saya doakan cepat cepat baik. minta maaf ya..........

    By Anonymous ciktu, at 8:00 AM  
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