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Saturday, April 30, 2011
Excuse the dust. I am clearing the cobwebs after neglecting this blog for a few months.
The problem with blogs with a specific subject/theme is you can run out of ideas sooner than expected.
Anyway, enough of excuses.
I am just back from MPH Mid Valley where my friend Awang Goneng had his book signing.

Awang Goneng skipped The Wedding and came to KL

with Zaharah,
their daughters and a very sunburnt friend (not in picture, too hot). The cats could not make it.

The Children's Section of MPH where the event was held was crowded with fans and friends

including our Sasterawan Negara.

Awang Goneng briefly disclosed how the book came about and generously shared some secrets of writing, publishing and blogging.
As with GUIT, Awang Goneng read a chapter from A Map of Terengganu before autographing the books.
The line was long. I was glad mine was signed earlier.
Among those patiently waiting were people from the families mentioned in the book.

The signature is going to be worth a lot some day.

I wanted to wait for Awang Goneng to finish and have tea with him but I saw that the line was too long and decided to go home. I will be meeting him again at Solaris, Dutamas tomorrow, insyaAllah.
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  • happy to know AG had a good reception indicating his book is selling well too.
    regret unable to make it as I had pressing matters to attend to.
    Wishing AG and Zaharah the very best.

    By Blogger tokcik, at 7:03 PM  
  • good to see you again pokku.. unfortunately tak sempat nak bersembang.. we'll meet again esok, insyaallah..

    By Blogger Kama At-Tarawis, at 8:26 PM  
  • Aaahhh...Pokku, welcome back to blogosphere. I can see that Ayoh Wang and Aunty KT looking well as well. Lama doh dok jupe, ork? purrr...meow!

    By Blogger Cat-from-Sydney, at 10:04 PM  
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