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Monday, May 02, 2011
Whew! What a Sunday!
Early in the morning I was woken up from my second session of sleep by the phone. It was Pak Daud who said he was downstairs with Ani, his wife. After accepting with heartfelt thanks the sambal belacan that Ani pounded in her kitchen back in Tanjong, Kuala Terengganu and the inevitable kerepok, we let our guests head for hot showers.
We had to forgo nasi dagang for breakfast (they served nasi dagang at Tappers, Bangsar South) but opted instead for Western fare at Plan B, Bangsar Village. We had to attend a birthday party for my cucus and presents had to be bought while the Terengganu couple finished their eggs and lemon tea.
My daughter Dalia is usually a very good communicator but since leaving the tv station, she is a bit harried. So she forgot to tell me where the party was. I assumed that since previous birthdays were celebrated in their house, this year would be no different. So Pak Daud, Ani and I made our way to Kelana Jaya. We made a stop a few houses away from Dalia's house because Pak Daud wanted to drop off some kerepok for Hj.Shariff, a fellow cycling official.
When we arrived at Dalia's house, there was no sign of any festivities. There weren't any sign of anybody. A phone call cleared the misunderstanding. The party is at The Club, Bandar Utama.
At this time, Plan B's breakfast started to trouble Pak Daud's generally robust tummy. He needed a toilet for the big one. Is there a jambang ija equivalent around? None. Dalia's house was locked. Elisa's house nearby seemed to be locked too. Luckily the mosque was not locked.
Relieved, we set for the club. After the tunnel, I missed the turning and had to make a fool of myself by going into the road people use to exit, not to enter. I was told to look out for the Club signs.
I looked. Pak Daud looked and read out each sign. We ended up at the foot of the hill. No club in sight. We did see a police station. After another two attempts we finally got the club.
I promptly got shot by Akif with his newly acquired water gun.
We left at 2pm and had to get home first because Daud forgot his copy of A Map of Terengganu he bought in Kuala Terengganu earlier.
We made only one wrong turn going to Solaris but when we got to Block A. We found the door locked. We managed to find the proper entrance and found RA Gallery already packed with fans and guests. I managed to squeeze Daud to the front. He found a chair on his own though.
Alhamdullillah were not too late to catch the Syair Awang Goneng followed by Awang Goneng's raconteur of his school days and journalistic experience.
I was glad I came. I met the host Raja Ahmad, a very pleasant gentleman. I met Dina Zaman again. She was perky as always and a joy to listen to. I met Cat In Sydney, a faithful follower of my blog. She is not at all catty. When I was sneaking a cigarette, Blabs caught me. Havent seen her since she came back from Dubai. I also talked to bubbly Dato' Manja and wife for the first time. Although Puteri Kamaliah wanted to talk to me more because I left MPH early yesterday she did not get her wish. Too many people.
I did not want to rush for the food, preferring to wait. I didn't get to taste jala mas but managed to get the fabulous sekaya. Thank you Wan Asma. I left the remaining ropa to Adnan. He has stronger teeth. I have only gums.
My flash gun fell down and I did not take many pictures. See whatever I have here.
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  • Pokku dear,
    The pleasure was ours too....brief meeting and we didn't get to talk shop. Not catty? har har har...if only you knew.... Perhaps a round of nasi dagang is in order? purrr....meow!

    By Blogger Cat-from-Sydney, at 3:30 PM  
  • The nerest palatable nasi dagang with gulai ikan aya is near my place.
    They embellished it a bit (with keropok on the side). Give me a call.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 3:51 PM  
  • Pokku dear,
    Please give us your number, via my comment box or email catinsydney@gmail.com. We're in Bangsar on weekdays. Is that near enough? purrr....meow!

    By Blogger Cat-from-Sydney, at 5:49 PM  
  • Pokku,
    You are another lucky guy to be at the signing ceremony. I have to contend with sending a representative to get it signed for me, thanks to Oldstock who not only went out of his way to buy a copy for me but brought it to Borders to have it signed by AG.

    By Blogger Pak Zawi, at 9:17 AM  
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