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Monday, September 18, 2006
Ramadhan Al Mubarak is a few days away but already there are marketers advertising "Buka Puasa Specials". When I flipped my daily newspapers this morning while waiting for my usual nescafe tarik, air suam chaser, capati and sardine, out popped a colourful flyer from Pizza Hut with their special offer on their Sate Supreme. I am sure there will be more offers coming our way just as I am sure that there will be an increase in gastritis among Malaysians. I am also sure that some stalls will start dusting and unfurling their canvas covers to hide customers who prefer to have their buka puasa much much earlier.

Fasting during Ramadhan is one of the tenets of Islam. It is compulsory for Muslims once they have reached puberty (automatically or manually). Before this, young children are encouraged to fast as long as they can. Usually the target is half a day. They get to eat at noon until they gradually gather enough willpower complete the whole day. My eldest grandson Adam (seen below at KLIA just before leaving for his pool in Jakarta) went fishing with me one hot sunny day and he was fasting. He was eight years old then. He has been fasting every year without any adverse effect whatsoever. He gets smart with his mother now and then but that is outside the fasting month.

I wonder if Adam would have the willpower to resist this roasted chicken (with oyster gravy) that his aunt Cek Ngah cooked for her own birthday lunch?