Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Wednesday, August 16, 2006
The few regular visitors to this blog might have noticed that lately postings are as far apart as the hairs above a teenagers lips. This is not intentional. I would love to keep my regular readers by posting regularly. I have done that for nearly 2 years now. But now I am getting tired. Do not get me wrong. I am not tired of blogging or writing I am just physically tired.

You might want to blame your OCPD if your area experiences a surge in crime rate. I blame COPD for my tiredness. Last week my doctor confirmed that I got it. He was so disgusted that he forgot to prescribe the medicine. I had to phone him for the prescription.

I will still try to post as best as I can but like a sembelit guy, this blog would not be regular. I shall miss your interesting comments.

Until the next post, peace be unto you.