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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Today's STAR (link below) told me that I, like many computer addicts around the world, am a mouse potato. The same article pointed out that googling is officially a verb and probably for the sake of gender equality, there is now a male equivalent of bimbo. Ladies, please take note of the word himbo.

Last night while sulking over the demise of my bedroom's aircon, I checked my e-mail. There was a message from Macmillan English with the Word of The Week. The word is WOW to describe the wives and girlfriends/boyfriends of the tennis players competing at Wimbledon. There is no new word coming out of the FIFA World Cup though. Maybe we should alert Macmillan on the meaning of referee kayu.

Following the links sent by Mcmillan, I got to the Top 40 Most Popular New Words of 2005. There are so many words that I missed. There is deshopper. This is the word to describe a shopper who bought something, use it or copy it and then promptly return it to the store. Then there is dooced. This is of particular interest to bloggers. If you get sacked because you blog about your workplace, then you are dooced. Remember the airline stewardess that published overexposed pictures on her blog? She got dooced.

The page also draws attention to the chemical weapon developed by the US Air Force. We heard of smart bombs but gay bomb is something new (to me at least). Apparently the bomb, when exploded will disperse chemicals that will make the soldiers get distracted by other soldiers. What will they think of next? Homosexuals made me think of metrosexuals. Metrosexuals, as you already know are men who are very fastidious about how they look. Marketers identify metrosexuals as their target for male makeup, accessories etc. One famous metrosexuals is Beckham. Most, if not all metrosexuals are narcissists. There are metrosexuals who are different though. These males care about causes too and are very committed to them. Thus a new word was coined to differentiate these men. The word is ubersexual. Bono is an example of an ubersexual.

If the preceding words are new to you as they were to me, go read about them in the Macmillan Dictionary page. The link is below. Have a nice weekend.

The Star World Update 8/7/06

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