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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

There is nothing strange about vegetable patches like those above. They are the garden variety type. The unusual bit is these vegetable plots are not in someone's backyard or front yard. They are on the shoulder of a feeder road in Taman Hijau, a housing estate in Sitiawan.

Driving around the housing estate, I saw many of these vegetable patches. Some have spinach, some have lettuce and some even have ladysfinger (or okra, if you feel American). My first thought was that the Bumi Hijau (Grow More Vegetables) Campaign finally caught up with the green thumb people of Taman Hijau.

While lauding the effort to grow greens, I could not help but wonder what the Majlis Daerah Manjung think of the vegetable patches on their road shoulders. I suppose if the authorities make noise, the green thumbs would just say "Lettuce alone!"

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