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Monday, June 12, 2006
I had to make a trip to Sitiawan on Friday. Not wanting to miss the opening game, I had to bring my Astro card with me. The house in Sitiawan does not subscribe to sports channels. It has a very big rear-projection TV though. I know RTM1 and NTV7 carry the matches live but I prefer fiddling buttons at Astro Supersport.
As usual, dinners in Sitiawan mean lots of seafood, especially oysters in crispy omellet. By the time the Germany-Costa Rica match was on, I was already yawning. I was the only football fan in the house and after the score was 2-1, I surrendered and fell asleep.
On Saturday, we abandoned the plan to have ikan bakar in Teluk Batik because I wanted to get home and catch the England-Paraguay match. I should have gone to the seaside because the match was not worth rushing home to. The first 10 minutes was exciting and Beckham lived up to his reputation as the King of The Dead Ball. But the rest of the game was frustrating to watch. Hello friend! This is the World Cup and I expect world-class football. The guy from International Herald Tribune had some fine words for that game.
The Netherland - Serbia Montenegro on Sunday was boring too until Robben scored his goal. Van Nistelrooy was a mere passenger and was replaced. Sir Alex Ferguson could be smirking in his scotch tonight. I snorted on my air nira (bought at the Ulu Dedap junction) and switched to the the French Open.
I noticed that since the UEFA Final the referees were all wired with earphone and mic. Who were they in contact with? Can the tech-savvy spectators eavesdrop and tell the ref "Oii Kayu!!!" whenever they make a wrong decision?
Iran's first goal in this World Cup was by GOLmuhammadi and Mexico's goal was by Omar BRAVO. Heheh.