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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Sunday the 7th was an eventful day for me.
At 8 am I attended the Gotong Royong at Vista Angkasa and after that I went to the Scoot Fest 2006 organised by my current Special Events & Risk Management class at Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media, Wangsa Maju.
Somehow, the students did better than DBKL in organizing events. The DBKL's event had more DBKL people than the intended participants. Even though the committee members of the Vista Angkasa Residents Association showed up in full force, the residents themselves didn't even bother to show their face. This is an event held at their doorstep and for their own safety and well-being and they did not show up despite numerous invitations. We wanted to wake them up using the PA system but the PA system was installed late and they used an amp meant for a classroom. By the time a more powerful system was set up, it was already time for speeches.
I would like to thank the commmitee of the Resident Association and the young men from the surau for not letting Vista Angkasa down. The rest of you, shame, shame!
There are only 9 students in my current Special Events & Risk Management class. To their credit, they managed to organise a succesful event. They roped in 30 juniors to help them. They also spent their own money and wheedled some donations from relatives before they got some sponsors. They started with 0 ringgit and ended up with RM340 profit and valuable experience.
One of them was impressive enough to make an Event Management company hire him for an upcoming event in Bukit Jalil. He was offered RM1,000.
I will let pictures speak the thousand words. Go here if you want a visual story of the ScootFest. Be warned that the server might be very constipated especially if you choose the slideshow mode.