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Friday, April 14, 2006
I have not watched my favourite talk show, Late Show with David Letterman for ages. I am not sure if the show is still on NTV7.

I am wondering if a local David Letterman show would be a hit when the original David Letterman show could not even make Prime Time. I had to stay up past midnight to watch it.

I am sure there are local talk shows that are good. I have not watched local tv fare for a while so I could not comment but I heard shows like HO Live (Astro) and the newer Thursday Night Live (NTV7) are worth watching. If you are one of their regular audience, please let me know what you like about the show.

If you haven't watched any Made in Malaysia talk show lately, I would like to know why. I would also want you to tell me what you think should be in a talk show that you would want to watch every week.

Every input will be very much appreciated. Thank you!