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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
My first set of wheels was a 2nd hand Lambretta. My father bought it for me. The idea was to use it as a means of transport between the house and Kuala Brang where I was to start my teaching career. It didnt work out well. The first day of travelling, it broke down on my way back home and it was the fasting month. My father made arrangements for me to stay in his friend's house in Kuala Brang town.
A year or so later, the Lambretta was traded in for an Austin 1100 which didn't take kindly to me either. There was one day that I had to replace her alternator TWICE.

I thought of my scooter because my Special Events class is having a Scooter Fest this weekend. If you can read the poster below, you will find that the students have lined up plenty of activities for you. Admission is free and everyone is welcomed.

Before I go to the Scooter Fest, I have to attend a Gotong Royong organised by DBKL right in front of my block. This gotong royong is to get rid of aedes mosquitoes in the area. Since there are no rubbish or overgrown lalang in Vista Angkasa, there will not be much cleaning to do. The mosquitos are largely in the apartments themselves. If you are living in Vista Angkasa, do destroy all the aedes larvae before DBKL make a house to house check and fine the aedes breeders. At the various meetings we had with DBKL, we were told that getting rid of the water is not enough. If the eggs were in your pail and you have drained the water, the eggs will still survive. Once water is available, the eggs can still hatch.

Vista Angkasa had 40 cases of dengue fever so far. Thats frightening. So if you are living in Vista Angkasa or have friends living there, please come down for the gotong royong at 8.30 am Sunday 7th of May and learn more about protecting yourself from the dreaded dengue.