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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Today I found out that I am among the 7.8% of Malaysians who will fork out up to RM24.80 extra every month for electricity. It was only yesterday I gasped in disbelief that my jalopy can take in over RM65 of petrol. The car went nearly empty which was very rare.
Now I am mulling ways and means of keeping the electric bill in rein. I cannot do without lights. I might bump into hard things and injure myself. Medical bills are expensive too. I cannot do without the airconditioner because it is too hot to sleep otherwise. I cannot keep the windows open anyway because the construction near the Telekom Tower is too noisy. I cannot handwash my clothes so I cannot do without the washing machine. In my house, even t-shirts and underwears (Ihsan, my cucu, call them spender) are ironed so the electric iron is indispensible. Charcoal-fired irons are hard to come by nowadays. They were all hunted down by ekor kakis.
If I do not have rheumatism and other joint problems, I can do without the water heater in the bathroom. I should have opted for the solar heater but sadly, I do not have a roof to put it on. I am in a condo. I can watch less TV but I have a teenager in the house. Teenagers and TVs are inseparable like P.Ramlee's irama dan lagu.
So now it is between the microwave, the water cooler/heater and my computer.
I will blog less I guess.