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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Simon has passed the baton (button?) to Myrick in organising the Asia Blog Awards 2006/2007.
As a past winner many many moons ago, I am helping Myrick in whatever ways I can. You can help too by nominating worthy blogs. Go here to nominate.
This blog has won before and is therefore ineligible. Please do not nominate this blog or other past winning blogs.
I don't see Best Malaysia Blog in the nomination list. Wait for Myrick to do the correction.
I am also not sure if the previous logo will be used for this round of awards. I am sure though that there will be no monetary rewards for winners, only bragging rights. This, however, shall not stop anyone (or any corporation) with surplus cash to sponsor a trophy - probably modelled after the Batu Bersurat found all over Asia and/or to fund the award presentation ceremony. Hey, one can wish.

(Terengganu's Batu Bersurat)