Di Bawoh Rang Ikang Kering
Random Ramblings of A Retired Retainer


Friday, June 23, 2006
The smaller boy is Aiman Naim, one of my grandsons. The other boy is his cousin Adam, my eldest grandson. Naim is going to celebrate his 4th birthday tomorrow (Saturday). While I am praying that all my grandchildren will live to celebrate their own grandchildren's birthdays, I am still scared of what might come. I am still unsettled because "we all live under the twisting nuclear sword of Damocles every second of the day.."

The famous WW2 general, General Omar Bradley said:
"We live in an age of nuclear giants and ethical infants. In a world that has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. We've solved the mystery of the atom and forgotten the Sermon on the Mount. We know more about war than we know about peace; more about dying than we know about living."

I have not forgotten God. I accepted that everything is God's will. My family and I surrender to God. But I have not forgotten the advice "Surrender to God but tie your camels." It is time that we tie our camels. Do your best to get as many people as possible to have peace on earth. If you think that is impossible, just do your best not to let us have wars. You have your own Naims and Adams to think of.