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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Most people fear the unknown. I am one of them. I really do not know Putrajaya. In spite of having friends living or working there, I have never set foot in Malaysia's new capital. My Terengganu friends would call me darat (inlander). Today, I conquered my fear and ventured into Putrajaya to attend the Special Session 2006 of the Perdana Global Forum together with other invited bloggers. I came home more scared than before. I am scared of the Coming Nuclear Wars. I am scared stiff of the fate that might befall my children and my grandchildren. There is another session tomorrow at the Tun Dr.Ismail Hall, PWTC, KL. It is open to the public. Go and listen to the illustrious speakers and then tell me you are not scared.
Dr. Helen Caldicott, Founder and President of the Nuclear Research Institute graphically told us at today's session what can happen in case of a nuclear catastrophe. Do not think that even if the explosion is in Iran, we can remain unscathed. We are downwind and the fallout will contaminate our food and our water with dire consequences. Thus, no matter what political affiliation you have or, what religion you belong to, be very very scared. Whether you are an UMNO member, an MCA member , a Gerakan member or DAP member, you will be affected by WW4. Whether you are a fan of Tun Dr. M or a fan of Pak Lah, whether you support S.Vellu or Subramaniam or you root for Michael Ballack or Steve Gerrard you have to do something to stop the madmen from destroying the Earth as we know it. Go listen. Go read. Go think. Then write and persuade whoever you can to join you in preserving sanity and the Earth.
As a start, copy the logo above and put it on your blog. The Action Plan will be published soon, hopefully and we all can see what we, as a group or as an individual can do.
On my way home I saw a 4WD belonging to JAIS stranded on the highway. It made me think. Praying alone is not enough.

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