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Thursday, July 20, 2006
I thank everyone who left comments in the previous post. I am sorry if the posting is not very clear in nature to make a few think that it is a real news. It is a tongue-in-cheek thing and it is supposed to make you think. Thanks again everyone for commenting. Today, I will give you some real news although I would advise minors and unmarried people to go elsewhere.

The STAR today ran a story from Reuters on page 41 (World Section). I could not get the link from Star Online but managed to unearth it from Reuters.

Most of you are too young to be bothered by impotence (yours or your partner's). This is the physical and literal impotence that is addressed by the article. I know most of us are bothered and annoyed by the figurative impotence suffered by some in the country. We will not deal with that right now. We will deal with the thing that will not rise to the occasion. You know, when it is time to naik haji (or hajjah as the case maybe), it goes limp. The male might go limp once in a while due to exhaustion or mental stress. You might not be so frisky during Income Tax time and this is no cause for worry. But as the study said, if nothing is stirring for a long period of time, the reason might not be your wife's new deodorant but it could be your heart. Again, the literal heart. The organ.

Even though man's erogenous zone is the brain, the penis needs blood to make it hard. The brain, like your PC's CPU will send appropriate amount of blood to the cavities inside the penis. The heart pumps the blood around. And Razak King, let me tell you again, you did not faint because you got a massive erection.

So what did we get from the news item? The men have a built-in heart meter, or heart-health indicator. The springier the needle, the healthier the heart. Take care of your heart and your dong will take care of itself (except for mildew and jungle rot).