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Monday, October 06, 2008
Contrary to popular opinion, not everybody in KL balik kampung. Despite getting to the mosque at 8 am, I found the mosque already packed and I had to wait on the steps. The friendly mosque nuja told me to go inside but I do not relish the idea of wading through the crowd.
I saw many Indonesians and Bangladeshis among the jumaaah. They had sad faces, no doubt thinking of some villages in Java or Bangladesh. The sad faces became a bit startled and confused when someone changed the tune of the takbir. The lyrics were familiar, but the melody was not.

Alhamdullillah, when prayers started, I got to be in the first row. After prayers and the khutbah I exchanged salam with familiar and unfamiliar people. Then I got to salam and hug with members of my family even though I got only a quarter of my cucu this year.
Adam came without songkok but left with one - courtesy of a fastidious and traditional grandpa.
Fran was warned not to come in anything but baju kurung so she had to buy and wear one.

Mimi found Fran in baju kurung highly unusual and amusing.
Fran promised to grow her hair longer the next time she has to wear baju kurung.

To friends in Terengganu, Selamat Raya Nang!