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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
When I started this post it was just 19 minutes into September 16, a date that many is excited about. It is too early to tell whether we are going to have a new government. Do I want a new government? If the new government can ensure that Arif (shown above with his mother) and his cousins can have a better life in the future, why not? Like Deng Xiopeng said "It does not matter what colour is the cat as long as it catches mice."

September 16 is Malaysia Day and also the Armed Forces of Malaysia Day. Salute to our soldiers, sailors and airmen. It is also Dolly's (my third daughter) birthday.

Dolly was our quietest baby and a late bloomer. Her sister Elisa always referred to her as TDB - not for Tengku Dalia Bustaman but as "The One That Does Not Blog" because she is the only one among my children that does not have a blog. This does not mean that Dolly could not write. When she was in school she won a writing contest organised by an English newspaper. She then went to Bognor Regis to learn more about writing and teaching English. She decided not to teach so she had to pay the government for her trip to England.

Dolly has chosen not to be on TV anymore. Now she spends her time watching TV, mostly soap operas.

To Dolly, may September 16 brings you lots of joy. To the rest of my fellow Malaysians, we have to see what the day brings.

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