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Friday, August 29, 2008
Whenever things that we do not like happen, we each do many different things. Arif, my grandson, retreats under the nearest table. Here he has cousin Aiman Naim to comfort him.
As for me, my mother taught me to "ok". No, it is not "okay" but "OK" that rhymes with "rock" or "sock" if you wear a pair. "OK" is Terengganuspeak for "tahan" or bearing with it, tolerate. So when "Malaysia Today" was blocked a few days ago, I "okked". It was okay with me to a certain extent because I can bypass TMnet. Long before MCMC came into being, I bypassed Jaring's blockade of the Playboy site. Stop sniggering. I am not into bushes (airbrushed or not) but more into Shel Silverstein, the jokes and the cartoons and the forum. Stop saying "Right" okay?

But blocking blogs is another matter. I have to admit that some comments in "Malaysia Today" are as obscene as Playboy's bushes (airbrushed or not) but Pete (that's what Elida called YM Raja Petra) writes well. We might not agree with him all the time but he should be allowed to say his piece. If and when he breaks the law, by all means charge him and let him defend himself in court. Blocking his website is as Pete's maternal ancestors would say "Not cricket" not to mention making a mockery of the MSC Charter. The powers that be must understand that "Malaysia Today" existed because people cannot "ok" the prevailing conditions in the country. Sites like "Malaysia Today" are for people who cannot "ok" when things are not okay. If everything is honkey-dorey and above board, there will be only blogs like mine talking about mundane things and grandchildren and stuffs.

Please understand what Internet is all about. It is about freedom to choose what information you want. If laws are broken, which is daily on the streets of Kuala Lumpur and PJ, punish the law-breakers. Blocking websites is lame.

For those not familiar with proxy servers, you can go to "Malaysia Today" by clicking here.

Otherwise, "ok"lah. Okay?

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