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Monday, June 16, 2008
In September 2004, I wrote about the "Doctor Fish" in my Turkish friend Sevil's hometown. You can read it here.

Now, the "Doctor Fish" can be found in our soil. So you do not need to go to Turkey to experience the treatment. Just go to any of the KL's bigger malls, look for "Fish Therapy" and take the plunge. The difference is, in the original Kangal hot springs, you can immerse your whole body into the water to be nibbled by the fish whereas in the malls here, you can only dip your feet in the heated trough.

My youngest daughterMimi discovered it a few weeks ago and tried it with her friends as a birthday treat for one of their classmate. Yesterday, as part of Father's Day goodies, she sponsored the trip to get my feet wet. You did feel a bit of trepidation when the small fishes rushed to your feet. I was assured that the fishes are toothless and harmless. Since I am also toothless and harmless I decided to enjoy myself. At first it tickled a lot but you soon get used to the nibbling small fishes and very soon you will enjoy the tingle. Your skin is repaired by the Dithranol, an enzyme secreted by the Garra Rufa fishes. After 30 minutes you can feel and see the difference.

It seems that these fishes made a big hit in Japan and they are an attraction at the Underwater World in Singapore.

The shop that I went to in One Utama had a shark in one of the tanks. Do not put your feet inside that one.

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