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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The first thing I thought of when the ban of the petrol sale to foreigners came into effect was how do they enforce the rule? Do they just look at the vehicle’s number plate or do they ask for identification such as Mykad or passport? Do they have to recruit more Enforcement officials for deployment at the borders petrol stations?

I see money to be made by people renting out Malaysian number plates and people willing to siphon out petrol from their car.

People in Johor will not have to chance to do the above. The ruling was somehow deferred not long after the announcement. That’s in keeping with the flip-flop.

As far as Singaporeans are concerned, there is a simple solution to recoup our fuel subsidy. Just impose a levy on every Singapore-registered vehicle coming into Malaysia. The quantum should be the cost to subsidise 25% of the petrol that the Singapore government allows to be filled in Malaysia. Add whatever extra necessary in the event that their destination is further than JB. I am sure our government can think of something fair and practical (and cheat-proof). After all they have many intelligent people at their disposal. Our government should furnish a list of all car models with their corresponding fuel tank capacity to determine the levy for each model. Remember that Malaysian cars pay a levy/toll for entry into Singapore.

Pak Daud (who watched the Monsoon Cup from his front yard) asked me a question that I could not answer to his satisfaction. Pak Daud argued that Malaysia produces and exports oil. He understood that our oil is of a higher quality and agreed that we should not use that oil ourselves. As Tan Sri Tengku Razaliegh once said “Our oil is champagne. We export champagne and drink water” (or something to that effect). So we export our oil and import the lower grade oil that we use. So if we use the export earnings to cover the imports, why should we raise the price of petrol? Can someone please answer Pak Daud?

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