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Monday, May 12, 2008
Maybe it is Spring and love is in the air. There are many couples getting hitched this month.
Last Saturday Som & Jun's youngest son got himself a lovely senorita for a wife. The groom's elder brother made a speech in Spanish. Ole! Congratulacion to the couple. Muchas gracias to the wonderful hosts. I had a wonderful time in the company of former classmates and schoolmates.

On Sunday, Hyelbaine, a fellow blogger ended his bachelor days. I was honoured to be invited. I arrived in time to see Hyelbaine and his lovely bride walking into the hall. They must be wondering who was the the grinning toothless old man standing by the door. Part of the reason Hyelbaine invited me was to meet me in the flesh. He told me that the wife also reads my blog.

There was no classmates of mine at Hyelbaine's wedding. I was expecting to see some familiar bloggers like Bibi and her ajinomoto but she told me they wanted to come later. So there I was, lonely as a clod. I found an empty seat and when the merenjis ceremony was going on, I ate.

I could not stay long since I have to go home and resurrect my dead computer. I went home as soon as Hyelbaine and his bride came down to eat. I thought of giving the groom a call at 9 pm that night when I was in Taman Tun to pick up Mimi but then you should not disturb newly-weds. Congrats Lan!

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