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Sunday, March 23, 2008
After several phone conversations with friends in Kuala Terengganu, I turned on Bernama TV at 12 noon to catch the latest news on the Terengganu MB "Saga". Bernama was the only news agency allowed into Istana Tetamu this morning.

On the 12 o'clock news on Channel 502, the lead item was recycling by Southern Waste Management Bhd and Mawar Hospital. News on recycling of politicians came very much later without visuals. The reader said the MB issue was settled. So much for Right and Now. The visuals came on the 12.30 news.

I turned on RTM1 and was a bit disappointed that the Warta Jam 1 did not start on time. Generasi Y overran by 1 minute. When it came on, the lead news was YB Ahmad Said receiving his watikah at Istana Tetamu followed by part of the Press Conference by YB Idris Jusoh who said "he accepted the decision although the rakyat is not happy". At least RTM's Newsroom still knows what headline news is.

Now, I , one of Terengganu's rakyat, do not give a tikus ass who the new MB is. I do not get any richer if A becomes the MB neither will I get any poorer than I already am if B is chosen instead. Terengganu's rakyat will get poorer if the wrong one is chosen though. Once, Terengganu was called "The Kuwait of Malaysia". Now, in spite of the oil royalty (or Wang Ehsan, if you prefer) Terengganu is in the list of states having the most hardcore poor:

Don't you see something wrong here?
Let us move on, shall we? Let us see what has been done and said.
Yesterday, YB Dato' Ahmad Said was chosen as the new MB. The Pemangku Raja, through Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja made the decision. Is it the right decision? You might get different answers from different persons. To me, I know two of the Royal Advisers personally although I have not spoken to any of them on their choice. Those two know the law. One is an experienced lawyer and the other an experienced judge who retired scandal-free. Whoever they chose among those available, I know that they made it with the welfare of the Terengganu people in mind.
Why then there are protests? That is the 1 billion ringgit question. Idris said "Accept the decision". The 22 ADUNs would not accept anyone else except Idris. Some said they will resign. The reason they gave was PM chose Idris as MB. I remember that Shahidan was also chosen by the PM but Isa Sabu became the MB. That was not too long ago was it? Some said Ahmad Said would be kicked out of UMNO if he accepted the MB's post. By the same argument, Isa Sabu and his supporters should be kicked out too, right? No? Why? Is it because Perlis has only delicious mangoes and no oil?
Whatever the argument is, one thing is clear. The 22 ADUNs in Terengganu are against their own Sultan. 21 of them are Malays. Malays call this derhaka. Treason is not part of the Rukunnegara. Get a school exercise book and read what it says at the back. Loyalty to the Sultan is not just to get datukship. I know you all read about Jebat and "Raja Adil Raja Di Sembah, Raja Zalim Raja Disanggah" (Pay homage to the just king. Defy him if not.) Just because the king does not choose your boss you think that the king is unjust. Read my previous posting about bosses. To the Dato's among the 22 ADUNs, be prepared to face the wrath of your datins when your datukship is withdrawn. Your datin might derhaka and refuse to be part of the process to make you a natural dato'.

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