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Monday, February 18, 2008
I wrote this before Dewan Rakyat was dissolved so there is nothing about the election in here. Just thought you would like to know.

I rarely do my grocery shopping so I do not know whether there is a butter shortage in Malaysia. I still have about 4 inches of butter in the fridge. I think we bought that bar of butter early last year or was it in 2006? So tell me, is there a butter shortage? I know we have a shortage of good sense, real leaders and honest people. We have people who know which side of their bread is buttered and constantly butter up their bosses but is there a butter shortage in Malaysia?

There was a butter shortage in Japan last December and more recently, an acute butter shortage in Australia. Butter was (maybe still is) in such a short supply that a baker had to resort to drastic measures to safeguard his stock.

The butter shortage in Australia was blamed on the drought. Some blamed it on its export. Demand for butter and other dairy products in Asia has increased. The Chinese in China fell in love with cheesecake. Any baker worth his mixing bowl would tell you that cheesecakes need cheese and butter too.

Of course if you are the cincai type, you might replace butter with margarine. In fact margarine was concocted and patented during an acute butter shortage in 1869. If you are fussy about names, the guy is Hippolyte Mege Mouries. Margarine could be named after his mother-in-law Marge, if he had one. He was French and that brings us to the secret of French cuisine. Just three words "butter, butter, butter". Ok, so you watched "The Last Holiday" too. But I wonder how many of you watched "The Last Tango In Paris". That was a fine film by Bernado Bertolucci starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider.
If you do not know who Mr. Brando is, you are too young for my blog. For those of the right age, I would like to point out that "Last Tango In Paris" was definitely not done during a butter shortage.

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