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Sunday, February 10, 2008
Can you imagine the gomen giving you, a car owner 120 liters of FREE petrol every month? If you own a lorry, a bus or a tractor you will get 200 liters. Motorcycle owners will get 40 liters.

Regretfully, it is not the Malaysian government dishing out this freebie but the government of Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is the country on the Caspian Sea neighboring Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran. And no, they are not having an election this year. The people of Turkmenistan are already enjoying free electricity, free gas, free water and free salt. We enjoy cursing the rise in power rate and were told that even rain water is not free. We do not mind paying for the salt though.

So, since yesterday drivers in Turkmenistan are singing in (or on) their vehicles. The government might be singing too. No more worries about subsidies and smuggling.

But envy not the Turkmen (or the Turkwomen). At least you know for a fact that they will not stand a chance of owning one of the 6 supercars every time they fill up.

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