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Saturday, April 05, 2008
I was invited by Mat Salo to meet a group of bloggers over lunch. When Pak Idrus mentioned it yesterday I told him that I wasn't invited and I have not met Mat Salo before. Mat Salo then messaged me that he was Taufik's one time boss. Taufik is my son-in-law. He also informed me that my son-in-law #1 was his junior in MCKK and he is working in Indonesia too. Small world, I thought and I told myself to try my best to attend this gathering.

Pak Idrus could not give me a lift in his new Honda because he is taking a different route. I had no choice but to drive to the Curve myself. The gathering was scheduled to be at Kayu Nasi Kandar but as I was turning into Pesiaran Surian, I received an SMS informing me of a last minute change in restaurant. Reading the SMS made me miss the lane to the Curve and I had to travel further down the highway before I could make a hair-raising U-Turn.

The company was pleasant, the discussions lively and the food (when it finally came) was okay. I got to meet Raden Galoh, who reads my blog. I also met her husband, Mambang Hijau in addition to well-known bloggers that I have not had the pleasure of meeting. Nice to make your acquaintance Kerp Phd, Shah, Tokasid, Jafflam, Anon From Miri, A Voice and Eli Wong (Selangor's Exco member for Tourism). It was nice to see Ancient Mariner, Shanghai Fish, Anu, Elviza and DP Marina again. Being very hungry ( only had fried kuih bakul for breakfast) I didnt have time to circulate and say hello to Wattahack and the others at the other end of the table.

Congratulations to Mat Salo for organising the gathering and thanks to the generous donors.
I left early and promptly lost my way looking for Penchala Link.

Click the thumbnail Bloggers@Asam Pedas"> to see the pics .

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