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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
It is human nature to make mistakes. After all, to err is human. But people will think you are less human if you insists that you have done nothing wrong and wondered aloud what are your sins when millions of people know what you did. Psychiatrists might diagnose you as in denial. Others might call you an idiot.

If you think I am referring to Terengganu's ex-MB or even our present PM, you are wrong. I am talking about Liverpool's midfielder Javier Maschareno who got two yellow cards in a row and ejected from the pitch last Sunday. He was adamant he did nothing wrong. Steve Bennet, the referee thought otherwise. Maschareno dissented. He went against the referee.

Is there some similarity between this and what happened in Terengganu?
Any similarity is coincidental. Heheh.

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