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Monday, September 20, 2004
Once upon a time, when P.Ramlee was the icon, young men blessed with unblemished skin would poke their face with pins in order to be pockmarked like their idol.

Now that pimples, acne or zits are no longer in vogue, teenagers are bombarded with ads that promise to clear up their anxieties and their face.

In Terengganu, long long ago, we did not have all these panacea. Pimply-faced young men were told to wipe their face with ladies panties preferably without the ladies inside. This was an endeavour fraught with many perils. You couldn't just buy ladies panties, you have to steal them. Then, even if you survived parang-wielding fathers (of the owners of the undies) or brothers with lastik (catapults), you still have to make sure that the said owners of the panties did not have kurap (ringworms) , panau (pityriasis versicolor) or other skin diseases. Or else you would have added problems on your face.

But despair not, there is good news.

My good friend Sevil (Auntie Hoya to my kids) from Turkey told me of thermal pools just outside her city. These pools have fishes that can survive the hot water (32 degrees Celcius). People will go into the pool and the wonder fishes will nibble on pimples, eczema, psoriasis or other skin diseases resistant to modern medicine. The "doctor fishes" will not leave any scar or any reminder of the afflictions.

For erysipelas, a severe skin infection, the patient has to go blindfolded into the pool alone. A white snake will come and somehow cure the patient, insyaAllah. This is somewhat mystical but Sevil believed that it is true. She also told me that someone picked up this snake and took a picture. The snake did not appear in the picture.

So if you have an incoriggible husband who is forever scratching his butt, go visit Kangal springs in Sevil's hometown of Sivas. For serious acne sufferers, you might want to bring your snorkelling equipment so you can stay underwater all day.

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  • I wonder if these fish will work wonders for skin pigmnetation? Hmm..but a trip to Turkey sounds so very inviting right now.

    By Blogger lion3ss, at 12:56 PM  
  • i remembered when everyone told me to go soak in the salty sea water to cure my sensitive skin.
    I think if I didnt play in the dirt so much my skin wouldnt have been that sensitive ;)

    Ihsan inherited my skin I think..

    By Blogger elisataufik, at 1:34 PM  
  • I remember that one, Pok Ku. Too bad we cannot simply sweet-talk them into donating their underwear for, well, medical reasons.

    As for mutilating the body just to look like their movie star heroes, a couple of my friends used heated coins on their chins trying to impersonate Kirk Douglas!

    By Blogger Kri, at 3:03 PM  
  • I saw that on a documentary once... the fish really DO literally 'eat' you. And apparently they're even good at cleaning your teeth for you. Just open your mouth and make sure you don't accidentally swallow any of them! :P

    By Blogger DaisyBoo Blacksheep, at 5:46 PM  
  • hmmmm... i have seen the end result when you use those panties...IT WORKS..!!LOL

    well it looks like panties have a lot of use besides guarding the most precious 'treasure' and as a cure for pimples. it also acts as a weather shield as it chases the rain away on ur 'wedding' day (but i have yet to experiment on this..anyone getting married soon??)by tossing it on ur roof.

    i wonder if sevil could send me a pair of those fishes..hehehehe..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:49 PM  
  • When I learnt about that old interesting pimple solution of Terengganu , I told it to my bro and he told me that there was the same belief here in Turkey once upon a time . This is really interesting to me . Now it is hard to steal panties, so buying pimple products or trying different methods are safer in all means.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 PM  
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