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Monday, June 30, 2008
Signs of hard times are beginning to appear. Today, the STAR ran an article on people having 2 or 3 jobs because it is necessary. I am beginning to worry because I do not even have a job. Just a few hours ago, Mimi's friend, Fran, went to Mid Valley to get some chilli and promptly got her wallet snatched by a motorcyclist. Fran lost RM1100.00 and all her important cards. In return she got a badly bruised knee and some consolation that it wasn't just her unlucky day. The policeman who took her report told her that there were already 7 similar cases reported in that particular police station. Wonder how many more similar cases were reported at thousand other stations in the country.
Just in case you think that snatch-thieves-on wheels target defenceless-looking ladies, let me tell you that Fran dresses like a boy and cut her hair shorter than mine. If you see Fran, you would not want to mess with her. If you know Fran like we do, you would learn that Fran is tough but unfailingly polite - a trait which we hope would rub off on her friend, Mimi. The thief was lucky that Fran was ambushed. She gave chase but his machine was faster.

<- Fran.

I guess everything is centered on money nowadays. Even the government promised a million ringgit to any of our athletes getting a gold at the forthcoming Olympics. I guessed the government forgot that those getting gold can a get a million-ringgit contract endorsing Sodomee or such stuffs. When the Olympics first started in Greece, the winner just got an olive-leaf laurel and probably bragging rights (in Greek, of course). That's enough honour for the athlete. Now athletes in our country get all sorts of material rewards - cars, land, cash and what-have-you.

I just hope that all the carrots dangled will spur our athletes higher, faster or stronger. Then every fit person in the country will be training to be world-class athletes and none will be higher, faster or stronger just to commit felonies like robbing Mimi's friend Fran.

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