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Monday, August 18, 2008
Izani after demolishing most of Paya Serai's watermelon and going "I like it! I like it!"
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Sometimes I can't help but envy my young grandchildren like Izani. Apart from having more teeth than me and having a voracious appetite, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. They do not get upset that Malaysia did not get a gold at the Olympics or disgusted that Tv stations allowed their airtime to be used as vehicles for name-calling.

My younger grandchildren, alhamdullillah, are too young to swear on anything or swear at anyone.

I wonder what Malaysia will be when they grow up. Will they start swearing at their parents and grandparents for leaving them a less than perfect country? Will the selfishness and narrow-mindness shown today make Malaysia a worse place tomorrow? Do our leaders and politicians ever think of Izani's generation?

Will Izani look around and still say " I like it! I like it!"". I wonder.

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