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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
August 24th 2008 was a Sunday and as you can see from the pic above taken at around 3.30pm on that day, it was a rainy day. And my pc rained on my parade.

I got an early birthday present from 4 of my children who pooled their hard earned money to get me a Western Digital 1 Terrabyte "My Book" USB harddisk. I was happily transferring files from my cramped drives to My Book when I got the message "Files cannot be copied/moved. Your disk might be full". Full? It is a 1 TERRABYTE harddisk for goodness sake. I soon found out that the file system is FAT. All the other drives are NTFS. Maybe I can solve the problem if I convert the My Book to NTFS. I am sure no lawyers will hold any forum on this conversion. The conversion worked! Then my troubles started. First the mouse refused to click any icons. It also started drawing rectangles on the screen. I borrowed Mimi's mouse and confirmed that my mouse was on the blink.

I picked up a new mouse after my birthday celebration atop KL Tower (highest Rendang Tok and lemang in KL). Then the monitor started to switch off every few minutes. I have to reinstall Windows which solved some of the problems. Now you know why this post is late.

Being old has its advantages. If I were much younger, I would have thrown the whole PC down over the balcony especially since I cannot complete the format on any of the drive. Instead, after weeks of not smoking, I soothe myself by sucking on a Romeo y Juliet Habana cigar and singing the Beatle's "When I Am 64" under my breath.

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