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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Yesterday I learned from the TV news that a couple of kids in Terengganu got separated from their fingers while playing with ngecong (firecrackers). It was not the headliner though. The headliner was Dato' Ahmad Ismail's suspension for what was seen by some as ngacong (incitement). Many thought that the punishment for Dato' Ahmad is not severe enough. I guess it was difficult for the UMNO Supreme Council to make the decision. It was akin to what the Malays would say: Ibarat memukul ular -Ular biar mati, tanah jangan lekuk, buluh jangan patah (It is like striking a snake - the snake must be killed, there is no depression on the ground and the bamboo must not be broken). I fervently hope that the snake is really dead and would not frighten ordinary Malaysians again.

Ngacong is as dangerous as ngecong and just as explosive as events in the last few days clearly illustrated. Politicians from both sides and even ordinary folks like you and me should learn the art of persuasion. It is more peaceful.

Now, if only people in Mengabang Telipot and other parts of Terengganu can persuade their kids not to play ngecong every Ramadhan or at any other time. Otherwise there will be a time when someone spies upon a youth with missing fingers he would ask " Mung budok Teranung ke?"

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