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Monday, September 22, 2008
Last night when I dropped by to give a birthday hug to Aliya, Adam her brother pointed to a jar on the coffee table. It was a jar of cookies and Adam insisted that I try some.
I decided that I would risk food poisoning for the sake of my grandchildren. They were delicious. Lots of butter, lots of chocolate and very crunchy.
I do not know how many hours the two girls and their brother labored in the kitchen and what was the state of the kitchen after the cookies were finally baked. The icing on the cake was a big hand drawn note pasted on the cover of the jar:
To Wan, Ki and Cek Mi
We made this ourselves
(big heart)
Fran, who was with me could not stop munching on the cookies. I did not tell her that the cookies were delicious because they were made with lots of love. I doubt that those cookies would last till malam tujuh likor, let alone Raya day.
Later we were wondering whether it was her aunt Elisa who gave them the recipe.

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