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Thursday, October 23, 2008
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Yesterday it was reported that the PM of Thailand had shoes and selipar Jepun thrown at him. I am not sure about the protocol but surely selipar Jepun does not befit a prime minister.

I hope this trend does not spread to our country. If they do, I have this advice. In case any Malaysian has the urge, the temerity and the heart to throw shoes at our Prime Minister (outgoing or incoming) please leave the selipar jepun for yourself. Do not go to the lockup barefooted. Throw only renowned shoes like Ferragamos, Bally, Florshiems, Obermain etc. Fung Keong won't do. Bata might be okay for MPs, not Prime Ministers. Ladies would know what to throw. Choose only the likes of Jimmy Choos and Pradas. Avoid flip-flops however much you think poetic justice it would be.

If eggs are your weapon of choice, make sure they are Grade A.

Of course you are welcomed to suggest alternatives. Just remember to think what if the shoe is on the other foot.



Monday, October 20, 2008
As a fan, student and sometimes teacher of the English language, I am perpetually perplexed by phrases like:
I sit Mercedes
I want it yellow colour
Don't care her

I am sure you have your favourites too. Care to share?

Some consolation - there are places where it is worse. Go here.
Maybe there are reasons. This page gives good explanations.



Monday, October 13, 2008
I wonder if you are done arguing about Dato' Shah Rukh Khan. I am also wondering whether the star himself appreciates the honour or worse, whether he knows that he is honoured so.

I guess many Malaysians could not help falling under the spell of Bollywood. Even Steven Spielberg (who is definitely not a Malaysian) bade farewell to Paramount to make pictures with a Bollywood mogul.

Once upon a time in Terengganu, every time a Hindustani film (then without subtitles) plays in Capitol Cinema, many households would lose eggs if not their chicken from their reban. 5 eggs sold would buy a 3rd class ticket. A chicken would make the seller sit in "Reserve" seats with change to spare for kacang putih. Popcorn wasn't in vogue yet. The Kapoor Brothers were as popular as P.Ramlee and S. Roomai Nor. Now it is Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan or even Saif Ali Khan who is currently pushing my favourite shampoo. Anyone out there a fan of Genghis Khan?

Shah Rukh is a competent actor and a successful one. Whether he deserves a Malaysian datukship or not is another question. Maybe one should sing and dance around a tree first and after 5 costume changes one should get an answer.

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Monday, October 06, 2008
Contrary to popular opinion, not everybody in KL balik kampung. Despite getting to the mosque at 8 am, I found the mosque already packed and I had to wait on the steps. The friendly mosque nuja told me to go inside but I do not relish the idea of wading through the crowd.
I saw many Indonesians and Bangladeshis among the jumaaah. They had sad faces, no doubt thinking of some villages in Java or Bangladesh. The sad faces became a bit startled and confused when someone changed the tune of the takbir. The lyrics were familiar, but the melody was not.

Alhamdullillah, when prayers started, I got to be in the first row. After prayers and the khutbah I exchanged salam with familiar and unfamiliar people. Then I got to salam and hug with members of my family even though I got only a quarter of my cucu this year.
Adam came without songkok but left with one - courtesy of a fastidious and traditional grandpa.
Fran was warned not to come in anything but baju kurung so she had to buy and wear one.

Mimi found Fran in baju kurung highly unusual and amusing.
Fran promised to grow her hair longer the next time she has to wear baju kurung.

To friends in Terengganu, Selamat Raya Nang!