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Sunday, November 16, 2008
I have always declined all invitations to PESAT (Persatuan Anak-Anak Terengganu) functions for various reasons. But when Som (a former Vice President of PESAT) invited me to PESAT's Majlis Ramah Mesra on Sunday 16th November, I decide that this is a great opportunity to meet fellow Terengganunese who I have not seen in a long time.

By the time Adnan Othman and I got to Rasta Food Court TTDI,the place was already packed to the brim. Since it was already lunch time, we were told to go take our food post-haste. There was enough food to feed the entire population of Merang and Ru Renggeh combined.All the signature dishes of Terengganu were there under one roof- Nasi Dagang, Nasi Minyak, Nasi Kapit,Pulut Lepa, Bronok (which Tan Sri Wan reportedly saw spelled as "Bronox") and other assorted Terengganu delights. Unfortunately, I had a very late breakfast and could not do justice to all the food. I just had a small plate of Nasi Dagang and very much later, the Pengat Durian.

The Menteri Besar came soon after and went round greeting everyone.

Among those present that I know were Dato' Setia Wangsa Abdul Rahman Nasir and Tan Sri Wan Abdul Rahman. Tan Sri Wan Abdul Rahman introduced me to something that I did not know existed. Terengganu people called it "ropa" but Tan Sri told me it was actually a rolled pie. It looked like a small smarter murtabak, albeit smaller. I did not try it because it was the last piece on the table and I was leaving.

I got to meet up with my SSSS classmates again like Som and Kapten Bersara Hassan Hussien.

I even got to meet my old scouts like Mulok Hamid Bidin (shown here deeply engrossed in a discussion with Adnang Osmang) who is beginning to look like his father, the General. I also got to meet one of my Kuala Brang pupils, Dato' Ismail.

So thanks to PESAT for a very nice afternoon.

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