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Monday, November 10, 2008
Yesterday I had a very pleasant lunch with nine of my classmates. As we were leaving The Spotted Dog, Som asked about this blog, apparently asking the reason for last week's missing post. Since I was hitching a ride with Professor Naguib, who had little patience with tawdry students, I promised Som an explanation in this blog.

My phone (and with it my broadband) was abruptly cut off on Saturday the 1st of November. There was a problem of some outstanding amount. I usually get a pink reminder but not this time. So off I went to pay the bill. TM Point was closed but I managed to pay my bill using the machine. The receipt advised me to call 100 to restore my connection. The call was made and I was promised the reconnection within 24 hours.

After 24 hours of making the call, my phone was still telling me that it was temporarily suspended so another call was made and a promise given that reconnection will be made within 2 hours. By this time I ran out of friends with a landline to call the 100 on my behalf. I had to go cold turkey (internet wise) until Monday. I got my connection back on Monday but I have lost all my mood to write.

Then I discovered that I could not get my email. I waited when I was calmer to call the Customer Hotline. Suffice to say that the people who promised "the best Internet and Multimedia service" (you hear this about 6 times while holding on to the phone) did not remedy my problem soon enough. I spoke to 4 different people on 3 occasions before the problem was solved. So do not believe any of them when they tell you that your new passwords will be valid in an hour. So much for service.

Oh yes, I got my pink reminder a few days after my line was restored.

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