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Sunday, October 01, 2006
When I was growing up in Kuala Terengganu a long long time ago, cinemas had unique ways to advertise their screenings. They distributed one-page flyers which were known as sakelar (from the word "circular") or they mounted their posters on A-Board which were then tied rather precariously on a teksi (trishaw). A kacang putih bell was tied somewhere between the A-Board. As the trishaw moved through town, the motion activated the bell and made people look at the posters.
Now, with bigger budgets, movies are advertised in many media. There are billboards, sidewalk banners, trailers on TV as well as ads in the print media. When Internet came, movies started to be advertised on the world wide webpages. Now even local movies are using the Internet as a marketing tool. There is one that I made for a forthcoming movie. It is one of the rare local movies shot entirely on HD digital medium. Have a look at the site and let me know if I can make a living as a web designer. There are a lot of rough edges yet to be smoothed which I shall do between naps and between sahur and subuh. There are a few web writing rules broken (like using very big files) but I broke the rules because the customer is always right.
The site is here, Enjoy the trailers and the slideshows.