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Saturday, April 17, 2010
Alhamdullillah I am able to update my blog. Pak Idrus would be happy.
There were letters in the papers recently unhappy with the announcement that no more "bed and breakfast" chalets would be built on Pulau Redang. Some of the writers thought that only the rich would be allowed on the island. I do not think that this is true. So I phoned a few people who earn a living from people visiting the island. They told me that they would not be affected by the announcement. It is just an announcement, not a pronouncement yet. What they know is that from now on, only NEW 5 star resorts would be allowed to be built on Redang. I guessed that these resorts would have to be built with anti-pollution and other measures to preserve the ecology of the island.
So, go ahead and plan to spend a few days on Redang. Try the resort where the old Redang Rest House was. The beaches there have no dead corals to irritate your bare feet.
If you want exclusivity, go to Pulau Gemia (next to Pulau Kapas). There is only one resort there and it is without karaoke. The owner does not want off-key renditions of Widuri or My Way driving away the turtles of which Terengganu is famous for.
Another thing that made Terenggany famous (or infamous, if you want to nitpick) is complexes falling down. It was debated in the State Assembly recently. My friends had a good laugh. A few phoned me and asked me what's Terengganu's Arabic name. I told them "Darul Iman". They said no, it is not. Iasked them what is ist now?
They told me it is "Darul Runtuh".
Ha ha.

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