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Thursday, December 09, 2004
Mimi In Mok's Kebaya
I had to post this today or I shall be forever nagged by my 13 year old. Heheh. I am kidding of course.

Yes, Mimi my youngest daughter is 13 today. I started blogging a few days before Elida my eldest daughter's last birthday and posted a piece about it. I honoured Elisa's birthday in this posting and later gave Dolly equal spot. I missed Didi's birthday not because I love her less but because it fell during the Hari Raya season when I took a break from blogging.

Mimi is the only child that was delivered in my presence. Doctors warned her mom that giving birth could threaten both her life and/or the baby so she needed a relative to hold her hand. She got disowned by her family (except by her dad) and I was the only relative available.

Mimi mended a lot of fences for her mom. Her aunties and other relatives got to see the cute winsome chubby baby and began to dote on her. Mimi had an older cousin but she was too far away in Australia so Mimi was the niece to hold and cuddle and spoil rotten. At one time, she was the only toddler in the mom's family who could speak Cantonese. She learned a bit of Hokkien when she was taken care of by Ah Guat, a spinster who later became a Buddhist nun. I hope Mimi didn't have anything to do with that decision.

Mimi is only 13 today. She has a lot of growing up to do and lots of things to learn. So far, she has learnt a few things. She has learnt to write in English far better than her classmates. She aims to write as well as her sisters.

From her mom, she learned to be fiercely loyal.

When she was about 5, I took her to a wedding. Many of my classmates were there. Some were asking whether Mimi was my grandchild. Mimi rose to her full height, put her hands on her hip and told them (in English):

"He might be old but he is MY father!"

Whenever my classmates gather, this incident was sure to be related again and again. My classmates would refrain from talking about me whenever Mimi is within earshot.

Mimi also learnt to face facts and give up. One of her aunts sponsored her ballet lessons for while but Mimi's swansong came early. She quit before she could learn "Swan Lakes". She found out that it is not easy to dance on her toes. I have a feeling that her piano lessons would reach a finale soon. But Mimi would never give up music in other forms. She did well in her Choir and she can compile and burn her own cd. Her music taste is eclectic. She can sing along with Hindustani heroines and she has a taste for groups like Evanescence. Kak Long encouraged her by buying the cd for her. She also listens to music of my generations like Paul Anka & The Beatles. She enjoys some Malay music and sometimes sing karaoke with me.

One of her good qualities (so far) is her generosity towards family members. When she was doing TV commercials, she gave her dad and his mother some of her acting fees. She also enjoys being an aunt to her many nephews and nieces. If only she enjoys schoolwork and prays on time, she would make her parents happy. There is hope yet.

Like her sister Elisa, Mimi broke her nose early. The first time was in the ballet class. She broke it again when she was in Primary school. We are all hoping that she is not making this a habit.

Happy Birthday Mimi! 13 is an unlucky number to some but I think you will do fine Cek Mi.

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  • she doesnt look like she is 13 ! ( i mean she looks older than 13)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:10 AM  
  • Happy Birthday adik. sure great to have Pok Ku as dad. all the very best in coming years...

    By Blogger Atok, at 5:12 AM  
  • Happy Birthday Mimi. Since she's only thirteen, I guess no classic black & white photo of her, like her sisters, eh PokKu?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:41 AM  
  • You're such a doting dad!

    By Blogger Jane Johan, at 6:54 AM  
  • Happy birthday Mimi. Wow so fiercely loyal to her dad, Pok Ku you must be so proud :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 AM  
  • Betullah, tak nampak macam 13 tahun.

    Anyway, happy birthday mimi.

    By Blogger Aku Tak Reti, at 9:32 AM  
  • Pok Ku,
    Lovely girl you have there...
    Anyway happy birthday to Mimi..
    even though she looks 16 instead of 13*wink*

    By Blogger tynn, at 9:36 AM  
  • Selamat Hari Lahir adik Mimi. ** Aboh ambe sms je to wish me happy birthday...heheheheh.. now days..zamang modeng.. :)

    By Blogger ceklong, at 9:52 AM  
  • Aaaahhh adik Mimi dah besar. Happy beday. Dapat banyak hadiah ke?

    By Blogger Lollies, at 10:44 AM  
  • Happy Belated Birthday Mimi! :) May all your dreams and wishes come true this year. Hope your birthday was a blast :)

    Pokku, you write the bestest birthday-wish blog entries! :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:48 AM  
  • happy b'day Mimi. I wish my "ayoh" can say this to me when I was a kid :P

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 AM  
  • happy birthday mimi .. what a wonderful doting dad you have .. 13 is such a magical age .. enjoy it ..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:56 AM  
  • Hello Mimi...happy birthday! Hi Pok Ku...I have just begun following your blogs. I guess I like the sound of your writings. When I read them out loud, you sound like my dad and uncle and their old MC boys when they gather around to talk. Good luck to you in getting through with your final teenager! Oh, and Mimi...what a lucky teenager you are for having a kebaya at such a young age! Back in my younger days (and in particular in my strange family) girls would be forbidden from kebayas until probably the age of 20!!

    By Blogger Sarah K., at 1:08 PM  
  • pok ku, you have a lovely birthday girl.

    anyway, found something for mimi over the net:

    'it's your birthday' means:

    1. A phrase stating the fact that you have aged another year that day.

    "Hey Bob. Guess what? It's your birthday!"

    2. The saying for when a person is dancing very well.

    "Go white girl! It's your birthday! It's your Birthday!"

    i think, both definitions apply to mimi as well! birthday, another reason to be happy! ;-)

    for more, goto urbandictionary.com


    By Blogger 3six7, at 1:18 PM  
  • Happy Birthday Cek Mi. 13 is a confused number though!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 PM  
  • As many said, again.. PokKu, u r indeed a good father, not only I wish u were my father...but because u can blog excellently.. My father only knows how to call me and ask me this.. "Biler nak balik? Comel(cat) dah lama tak jumpa...".. As if I don't that he is the one who miss me!!... Hahahahaaa..

    Oh Ya..Mimi does not represent her age..Send my Happy birthday to Mimi..

    By Blogger zaireen, at 1:35 PM  
  • Happy birthday mimi! You've got a cool dad and i'm sure you're cool too. You can claim my present from your dad ;)

    Cheers!!! :D

    By Blogger hyelbaine, at 1:56 PM  
  • happy birthday mimi! u shd consider yourself lucky for having a GREAT and THOUGHTFUL dad...my dad doesn't remember my birthday..he doesn't even remember his own birthday..i never get a bday wish from him...but deep down i know he loves me...how i wish i could have daddy like Pok Ku...but am too old already to be pampered :D

    By Blogger shay, at 4:14 PM  
  • Syahdu lak rasa baca semua komen.

    And here I am never said 'thank you' to The Man who gave me the opportunity to be his menantu. Err there won't be any more opportunity, rite ... hopefully. ahahaha

    Terima Kasih, Papa!

    -chek na-

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:45 PM  
  • Because it is her birthday, Mimi herself will respond to your comments!
    Thanks you nice people.

    By Blogger Bustaman, at 5:26 PM  
  • Happy Birthday Mimi.. May all the best thw world could give be for you.

    Pok Ku, a wonderful father indeed. You describe almost every details of her that need to be cherish and share it with all of us on the virtual world. We won't get to see such thing happen everyday.

    By Blogger Amir EtCetera, at 5:34 PM  
  • Ok, I'm the comment woman for today since its my birthday. First of all, a big thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes. They are much appreciated. Now on to business.

    Riza = Its the kebaya that makes me look older. And the hair too.
    Atok = He is a great dad.
    PasirP = I'm the modern age girl. So no black and white pictures hehehe.
    Honeytar = Yeap he is a doting dad just doing his job *haha*
    Anonymous = I hope he will be prouder
    AkuTakReti = I really am 13 though. Its the kebaya!
    tynn = I'm dying to turn 16, trust me.
    ceklong = sms kena ada duit. So your dad must love you alot to send you an SMS.
    Lollle = Tak ler ...
    Leen = Why belated? Today is the real day ;)
    md = hee hee hee
    gartblue = Still a loong way to go
    Sarah K = Ah well I got lucky.
    3six7 = Thanks for the multiple birthday wishes.
    dusyum = Its confusing because its an uneven number :D
    Zaireen = So I've been told. I repeat,it is the KEBAYA
    hyelbaine = Cheers!
    shjay ( sorry if I spelt it wrong) = Yes I am lucky.
    - chek na - = You're my one and only sister in law.

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 5:47 PM  
  • Oops!

    Amir = I know ... so detailed.

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 5:49 PM  
  • Happy 13th Birthday,Mimi.

    Pak Adib
    The Reader

    By Blogger Berisman, at 6:55 PM  
  • an incredible gift indeed, Mimi - you are a lucky gal and Pok Ku, ready for the boy callers? *wink*

    By Blogger hyphenated L, at 6:57 PM  
  • Hi Mimi, happy birthday! hmmm, what to get for a 13yo girl? Aha! Your dad should be able to teach you the following, but if you want I can give you free lessons on:

    1) Handling Buaya's for dummies (teenager series)
    2) 1001 ways to flirt (a Buaya classic)

    Happy birthday!

    By Blogger Buaya69, at 7:02 PM  
  • I'm late again; looks like everyone's here already. Happy Birthday, Mimi. Going by Pok Ku's description, you sound like one fierce :) young lady which is a good quality to have and to get ahead these days. I'm sure you'll do well in anything you do.

    By Blogger Kri, at 10:15 PM  
  • Happy birthday Mimi!
    Another surprise for me today.

    First, I never know Pok Ku actually is about my father's age, or at least my mum's.

    Secondly, father and daughter are sharing the blogs! Huh!

    But to be honest, your post today is so beautiful. Thanks Pok Ku.

    By Blogger sgarul, at 10:22 PM  
  • Pak Adib = Thank You
    hyphenated L = Yes so lucky
    Buaya69 = I doubt I can find those in the local bookstores.
    Kri = I plan to be the next PM of Malaysia (hahaha)

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 10:24 PM  
  • myroutine = I'm just replying all the comments today on this post because ... its my birthday haha. my blog is at http://tgsheril.blogspot.com/ everyone is welcome to visit.

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 10:35 PM  
  • So heartwarming :)makes me ponder about so many things.

    By Blogger Maine, at 10:38 PM  
  • Maine = What kind of things???

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 10:50 PM  
  • wahh..comelnya anak Pok Ku...nak mengorat laaa!!


    By Blogger Orang Kita, at 1:42 AM  
  • I'm a bit late. But never too late, rite? Mm, rasanya ade yang merisik Mimi tak lama lagi nih.. hehe.. Happy Belated Birthday, Mimi. Welcome to the Teen's World!

    By Blogger hana_kirana, at 1:11 PM  
  • Mimi, happy belated birthday.
    Bustaman, you have a lovely girl. soon you'll be screening calls for her ( or are you already doing that ! ;) )

    By Blogger Chief, at 7:50 PM  
  • Orang Kita = Sorry, I'm not on the market just yet.
    Hana = takde orang merisik lagi.
    Chief = I take my own calls. Too risky. hahaha

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 9:14 PM  
  • Happy belated birthday Mimi. Sorry for the late wish. Mimi looks a bit like Dolly, I think.

    By Blogger Nectar, at 11:32 AM  
  • she looks so pretty and cute with the kebaya. at 1st i thought she is 17 :) me and her share the same birth date. and bustaman, ur a rocking daddy!!

    By Blogger Wendy, at 12:22 PM  
  • opps typo, i meant bday, not birth date. im much older :)

    By Blogger Wendy, at 12:35 PM  
  • nectar = Yes I do look like her.
    Wendy = WHAT a coincidence!

    By Blogger TGSheril, at 4:05 PM  
  • I'm not making fun of you Uncle Ku but then again...Mimi's words - "He may be old but he's my father" sounds something like "he aint heavy, he's my brother."

    By Blogger Kok Bi, at 1:00 PM  
  • she's cute.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:11 PM  
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